Thursday, June 30, 2011

How My Journey Began

A few years ago, after occasionally trying the red wines one of my best friends attempted to share with me every chance he could, I fell in love with a wine: Burrell School Cabernet Franc. After enjoying many bottles of this wonderful wine, my tastes began to expand and I enjoyed more and more of the wines I tried. Up until this point, as my wife will point out, my enjoyment of wine was limited to dry white wines, Kendall Jackson being my favorite (not that there is anything wrong with it).

Embracing my new love of wine, I began a journey to try all the local wineries, and wine bars for that matter. I was fortunate to live in Silicon Valley, surrounded by the Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Clara Valley, and San Francisco Bay region wineries. Tasting was a wonderful experience, shared with my wife and friends. It's hard to imagine a better time.

At some point my boss mentioned that I should investigate Google Web Toolkit (GWT). I decided to try and combine my love of wine tasting with my exploration of GWT. Out of this came my first website, a work in progress: