Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Bowl of Storr's Zins

We had some of our non Super Bowl attending friends over to watch the big game. Since Jose was coming over, fresh from his business trip to Prague, I brought out the three Storrs' Zinfandels to determine the best of the bunch in a serve yourself blind tasting.

Casual Tasting Ready

Sue whipped up some of my sister's latest party recommendation: Bacon wrapped potatoes. We had these for New Years; they were excellent! This time she also found a bacon wrapped shrimp and scallops recipe.

Sue Consults the Recipe

Lili brought her famous secret ingredient guacamole. I was too timid to try it, no matter how much Bob tried to persuade me. Everyone seem to really enjoy it, though no one seems to recall what the secret ingredient was. We'll have to wait until Lili gets back from visiting her mother to know for sure.

Sue also brought out some chicken meat balls and Nathan's pigs in a blanket. I contributed some organic gummies from my Burrell Zin seeking trip to Whole Foods, Nummy Bears or whatever they are called. Needless to say we had plenty of junk to enjoy as we watched the game.

At half time we tallied up the scores and revealed the winners.


Top to Bottom from Left to Right

A - 2009 Central Coast came in first place with an average of 3.59. It cost $20.

B - 2006 Lion Oaks Vineyard, Santa Clara County came in second place with an average of 2.84. It cost $30.

C - 2006 Rusty Ridge, Santa Clara County came in last place with an average of 2.55. It cost $30.

Surprisingly the more reasonable Zin won. While I thought the Lion Oaks wasn't great, the other two were both excellent.

Storrs makes a large number of reasonably priced, great wines. Go try some for yourself!