Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wish List Decanters 2015

I noticed the images in my previous musing on decanters, Wish List Decanters, were not all working. As I fixed this, I revisited the lists of Amazon.

My prize decanter is an incredibly generous gift from my parents. It's such a beautiful piece.

Given this, I have to cross the other similar decanters off the list.

Wish List

I still have an affinity for the Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter. It's simple, but cute. I could definitely see it enhancing a romantic evening.

I also found this beauty via the also viewed section. It looks very interesting. I'm curious how it looks with wine in it. It looks gorgeous empty.

Riedel Hand-Made Lead Crystal Curly Decanter, 49-3/8-Ounce, Pink

Not on the Wish List

What is up with this one? Wow! it is crazy expensive, and that's saying a lot given the outrageous prices of decanters. It's not on any list of mine, but it would be interesting to see it in action.

Riedel 2014/02 Lead Crystal Horn Decanter