Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Thomas Fogarty Winery Online Tasting Experience

On a whim, I ordered a Virtual Tasting from Thomas Fogarty Winery. By on a whim, I mean an email offer came to me at the right time during the shelter in place. A lot of wineries have discovered the right time recently. I'm sure my name is on a list that people pay good money for. I imagine this list is titled, "Send this guy an email. He'll buy your wine, sometimes if he's never even heard of you before. Discounts help".

The virtual tasting included two bottles of Pinot, cost $109, and included free shipping.

It started on Friday at 5 PM PST.

We joined a zoom session and enjoyed an hour of discussion of the two wines and interesting tidbits about the vineyards, including some fun pictures. Tom Fogarty Jr, winemaker Nathan Kandler, founding winemaker Michael Martella, and wine director and sommelier at Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay John Toigo did a good job entertaining us and answering questions people typed in the chat.

I wasn't sure if there was going to be face to face communication during the zoom. There wasn't. I felt bad that Sue got all gussied up, from the waist up, and even put on make up. She looked great, but no one but me could see her.

We tasted the 2016 Razorback Vineyard and 2016 Rapley Trail Vineyard. We both enjoyed the wine and the experience.

I think the experience could be improved by giving more of a deal. $109 may have been a deal, but it didn't feel like it to me. Even without a reduction in price, I still would do it again if Sue wanted to.