Saturday, May 22, 2021

Impromptu Young Cabs

Since we decided we were moving, I've been thinking the more wine we drink, the less wine we have to move. In this vein, I tried to get together an in person tasting over the weekend, weeks ahead of my official post vaccination tastings. I knew some of our friends were out of town, but I hoped I would be able to get a few to join us. Luckily Jose and Lili, and Paul and Jennifer were able to join us to taste some young cabs.

I decanted the wines 2 hours before we started, to give them a chance to overcome their youth.

We sat down in the backyard to enjoy the wines. It was nice to see people again. Lili and Jose brought Sue a lovely birthday gift and rum cake to share. We had a great time tasting with everyone.


A - 2017 Brander Reserve, Los Olivos District came in first place with an average of 3.58. It cost $50 from the winery. There was a mix up on a Sauvignon Blanc I ordered from them for a tasting I was putting together on Dr. Pat Farrell Master of Wine's recommendation. The winery sent it to me as a gift.

D - 2018 Soquel Partner's RESERVE, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley came in second place with an average of 3.33. It cost $125 from the winery. We bought it as a future for half price as club members.

C - 2018 Lail, Blueprint, Napa Valley came in third place with an average of 3.21. It cost $80 from the winery. The 2017 vintage was Wine Enthusiast's #1 wine of 2020, but was only available in half bottles, so I picked up a couple of these to try.

B - 2018 LightPost Reserve, Paso Robles came in last place with an average of 3.17. It cost $59 from the winery. It won Sweepstake Award (Best Cabernet Sauvignon) in 2021 SF Chronicle Wine Competition. I had ordered their Best of Class Pinot, but they sent me this on accident. I agreed to buy the bottles from them after a good sales job.

Afterwards, I opened a 2014 Vine Cliff, Private Stock, 16 Rows which is usually an incredible bottle of wine, but I was disappointed. I then opened a 2017 Plumpjack Reserve which was excellent.