Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lot18 Experiences

Lot18 is a membership by invitation, wine, groupon-like website. Here's an invitation if you're curious. There is an incentive to spread the word, since you are given $25 credit if someone you invited purchases something. I bought from it once just to see how it worked, though I generally don't buy wine I haven't tried first. Since I don't know any of the wine, I don't really know if there are any good deals or not.

Now they have a new feature called Experiences, which offer an "exclusive access to the finest wine and culinary adventures". It sounded interesting, so I checked them out and found this $100,000 experience: Great Wine Capitals of the World. Experience eight of the world’s top wine regions for two over 7 weeks. Crazy! I guess this offer is exclusively for 1%.

If someone buys this, I hope the person that referred them gets more than the usual $25 referral fee.