Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Go Wine Tasting

After planning your wine tasting trip there are some things to keep in mind.

What to Wear

You can wear pretty much anything to most wineries. I try to dress a little nicer than I normally do, but that's only because my normal attire is a t-shirt and shorts. I typically spruce it up, with a short sleeved button down shirt and shorts. If you're really lucky, I wear my wine tasting shirt that Bob and Carolyn bought for me at David Bruce. You can see why "they" call me a wine snob.
Me in My Wine Tasting Shirt

What Not to Wear

Make certain not to wear any cologne, perfume, or odorous body cremes. These will interfere with the wine tasting by over powering the subtle smells and tastes of the wine. You'll also annoy other patrons.

Eat Breakfast

It's important to have a full stomach at the start of the tasting. You might hit two wineries before you get some lunch. You'll be hungry, and the alcohol will go to your head much more quickly if you didn't eat breakfast. Sue usually makes us a two egg, sausage, and cheese sandwich for breakfast. It always hits the spot.

Don't Forget a Designated Driver

Depending on how many wineries you are visiting, you will probably need a designated driver.