Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Planning a Wine Tasting Trip in Action - Silvertip VINEYARDS

Using my blog on How to Plan a Wine Tasting Trip, I thought I'd show an example.

Identify a Primary Winery

Silvertip VINEYARDS sent us an email that they will be open this Saturday, July 14th, 2012 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. We tasted their Pinot at Pinot Paradise earlier in the year and would love to check them out. If you're going to go to a winery, what better day than the opening (at least I assume this is their opening). I'll plan a trip around them.

Search for Nearby Wineries
  1. I bring up my winery finding tool,

  2. I paste Silvertip VINEYARDS' address, 16644 Upper Zayante Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033, into the address text field, select 10 miles from the distance drop down, and click the Look Up button.

  3. I click the Open Weekly check box to get rid of wineries that are open only at odd times likes the third weekend of every month

  4. I click around on the wineries, looking for something that looks interesting

  5. I decide on Byington Winery & Vineyard and MJA Vineyards because I want to make a blog on the Summit Road wineries and I don't have any pictures of these places. I don't even remember what Byington was like, it's been so long, but I remember it was beautiful.
Make an Itinerary

Since Silvertip VINEYARDS doesn't open until 12, I put Byington Winery & Vineyard first.

11:00 AM - Byington Winery & Vineyard
21850 Bear Creek Rd.
Los Gatos, CA 95033

12:00 - leave, Travel Time - 9 mins

12:15- Silvertip VINEYARDS
16644 Upper Zayante Road,
Los Gatos, CA 95033

1:15 leave, Travel Time - 20 mins

1:35 - Grab lunch at Summit Store or bring a lunch, your choice

1:40 - MJA Vineyards
24900 Highland Way
Los Gatos 95033

Lunch before or after tasting

Verify the Wineries are Open, Make Reservations, if Necessary

I sent Byington and MJA a message to make certain they were open.

Be Aware of Event Days

Summer Passport is July 21st, so it will not interfere.

The Wine Tasting